The Electronic Lock Box

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State of the art digital lock - no keys for kids

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Keeps your medications private as well as secure

"Statistics show that 39% of people look

in their host's medicine cabinet"


Installs easily into

most existing medicine


About MedSafe

the electronic lock box to secure your medications

“We've looked at several lock-boxes and found that the MedSafe provides the simplest, mosteffective, user-friendly, and cost-efficient deterrent out there. ”

-Mistie Bell-Banks, D.A.R.E. America

“Too many parents who believe “it’s not happening in my house” have kids who end up in my E.R., or worse, the morgue! Medications simply must be locked up.”

- Dr. Mark Melrose, ER Director/Physician


FACT:  Gun Deaths- 30,000+ per year

Rx Drug deaths- 100,000+ per year (1 every 5 minutes!)

Yet most parents lock up their firearms but not their Rx drugs!


"I have a very curious 2-year-old. As a Mother, there is nothing scarier than the potential of overdose. I looked at my kitchen counter, left from the flu, and I knew something needed to change. Meds needed to be locked up and MedSafe could help me do just that. "


"The MedSafe is the first babyproofing product I have seen that is truly kid-proof and still allows parents to easily access their necessary medications."


"I have a teenager in my home as well as little ones which covers the full spectrum of reasons to make sure that any medications we have are kept safe and sound from the curious. I'm confident mine are now safe and secure since being sent the MedSafe for review a few weeks back. "


"I like the simplicity of the MedSafe; it is an electronic lock-box that holds up to 15 bottles of prescription medicine."

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How do I install MedSafe?

• MedSafe comes with 4 self tapping, magnetic metal screws.

• Simply screw the unit into your medicine cabinet.


What if my medicine cabinet is mirrored in the back?

• Use heavy duty double sided tape for mirrored cabinets.


Does it have to go in the medicine cabinet?

• No. You can use double sided tape or the screws provided to install MedSafe almost anywhere-     in a nightstand or dresser drawer for bedside use, on a cabinet or closet door, on a wall, in a bathroom drawer.


Can I change the combination?

• 19,500 Changeable Combinations allow you to easily customize and remember your combination.


How many times can I change the combination?

• As many times as you like!


How is it powered?

• MedSafe uses 4 AA batteries (not included).


What if someone takes the batteries out, can they get into MedSafe?

• No. The digital lock will remember your combination.


How long before I receive my MedSafe?

• Although typically much sooner, we ask that you allow up to 2 weeks for delivery


How is it shipped?

• Your MedSafe will be sent via UPS Ground.


Is MedSafe guaranteed?

• MedSafe comes with a 1 Yr. warranty.


How do I change the combination?

1.  Press and hold the number 1 button for at least three seconds.

2. Enter the current code, if you are setting the code for the first time, enter 12345.

3. Enter the new code.

4. Press and hold the number 1 button for at least three seconds.

5. Enter the new code to confirm it.


What do the tones mean?

• Tones signal correctly or incorrectly entered combination.


Tone Explanation

1 short beep- A keypad button has been pressed

Series of beeps- A successful code sequence has been entered

1 buzz- Incorrect code entered.  No activity for more than 10  seconds after code entered.

2 short buzzes-  Batteries are low.

3 short buzzes-  Lock disabled for five minutes due to five consecutive incorrect code.


Should I keep a back up supply of medications hidden?

• As with any electronic device, the risk of malfunction always exists. The manufacturer recommends an emergency supply of life saving medication be stored in a separate location.


How many prescription bottles does MedSafe hold?

•MedSafe holds up to 15 prescription bottles.


What is MedSafe made of?

•Medsafe is made of impact resistant polymer with a state of the art digital lock.


What are the dimensions of the MedSafe?

8.25 wide x 9.5 high x 3.5 deep.


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