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MedSafe- The Electronic Lock Box To Secure Your Medications

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 Installs easily into most existing medicine cabinets
 State of the art digital lock - no keys for kids to find
 Keeps your medications private as well as secure  
“Statistics show that 39% of people look in their host’s medicine cabinet”

What The Experts Are Saying...

Electronic Medication lock box to secure drugs in the home“We've looked at several lock-boxes and found that the MedSafe provides the simplest, mosteffective, user-friendly, and cost-efficient deterrent out there. ”    
-Mistie Bell-Banks, D.A.R.E. America

“Too many parents who believe “it’s not happening in my house” have kids who end up in my E.R., or worse, the morgue! Medications simply must be locked up.”
- Dr. Mark Melrose, ER Director/Physician

FACT:  Gun Deaths- 30,000+ per year      
Rx Drug deaths- 100,000+ per year (1 every 5 minutes!)

Yet most parents lock up their firearms but not their Rx drugs!

What the True Experts (Parents!) Are Saying...

momma findings

"I have a very curious 2-year-old. As a Mother, there is nothing scarier than the potential of overdose. I looked at my kitchen counter, left from the flu, and I knew something needed to change. Meds needed to be locked up and MedSafe could help me do just that. "

an island life

"The MedSafe is the first babyproofing product I have seen that is truly kid-proof and still allows parents to easily access their necessary medications."

and twins makes 5!

"I have a teenager in my home as well as little ones which covers the full spectrum of reasons to make sure that any medications we have are kept safe and sound from the curious. I'm confident mine are now safe and secure since being sent the MedSafe for review a few weeks back. "

mom most traveled

"I like the simplicity of the MedSafe; it is an electronic lock-box that holds up to 15 bottles of prescription medicine."

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